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Kerullal Environmental Air Conditioner is made from the cooperated study of the scientists from Australia, Sweden, China, and Hong Kong, the design and technology of producing always gets rid of the stale and brings forth the fresh, the devices of manufacture are advanced, the selected materials is fine, and the main stuff is from European or Chinese patent productions. The whole process of producing and distribution is strictly managed and supervised.

The developing stratagem of Kerullal is ased on science and technology, developing continuate innovation? the corporation of Keruilai is a manufacturer which technically produces and studies environmental and save-energy air conditioners, and has become the most regular corporation among inland craft brother.

The sale-system of the environmental and save-energy air conditioners of Kerullal covers 32 provinces or cities of China, and it also be sold in Hong Kong, Tai Wan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Middle East and other many different counties or areas, and gains well benefit both socially and economically.

Environmental and save-energy air conditioner of Kerullal has many advantages, such as low investment and high efficiency, it combines many functions, such as aeration, temperature-descent, ventilation, filtration of atomy, increasing the content of O2 in fresh air, and the wastage of it is only 1000 watt/hour, and temperature-descent will reach . Type 5090 ulti-layers congruence of wave and fiber?wet-shade with thickness of 100mm and wind-machine with pre-laminae of 8 aerofoil is used on all of the productions, and the advantages are low noise, durable, high wind pressure, large amount of wind. And they are applicable widely in the areas with high-temperature, peculiar smell, terrible pollution and dense circulation of people.

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